The recent union busting and what it could mean for us.

While I count myself thankful that no one will go union busting here in California or the Bay Area, it’s a shame that it’s going on in other parts of the country. How can this kind of mentality return? This is beyond me. Seriously, we should get President Obama’s message out to the people that the Republicans have gone too far this time. It’s fairly obvious the party wants to take away our rights for their own profits and want to keep us divided through anger and fear. If we don’t act now, they’ll find a way to turn America into Nazi Germany. I say this in the sense that they want to establish a totalitarian state here, where they can control our personal lives. There’s a reason that we have the 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th and 14th Amendments. How the Republicans can trample these specific guidelines and have activist judges on the bench to help push this through is beyond me.

Republicans and the budget, targeting unions, and their plans for 2012

After watching the budget debates go on in Washington and around the country, there is no reason for me to think that they have any real intentions of helping the situation out. The only thing they want to do is extend even more tax-cuts and tax-breaks for the wealthiest 3% and leave everyone else to pick up the tab. There is no reason to do this, and especially there is no reason to target ordinary working Americans, either.

Let me put this as simply as I can. Targeting public employees, who have already agreed to offer as many concessions as they can afford, by taking away their right to collectively bargain is just plain stupid. That right is there for a reason, to help ensure that everyone is treated fairly and to make sure labor has a voice in all decisions. Not to mention, there is no reason to go union busting, especially when wages have been stagnant for years. If anything, let us be sure to make it known to these reactionaries that we will not accept their actions quietly.

Now for budgetary matters: Republicans have no incentive to make the situation work for anyone. It’s cut social programs to maintain money for the tax cuts and the wars, or face a government shutdown.  This is ludicrous, the only thing they seem interested in at this point is just keeping the country on lock-down for the next war to fight, and keeping us in debt to keep their corporate cronies happy. Pres. Obama, despite his willingness to make a $40 billion cut in the budget as a concession, has had no luck in getting Republicans to compromise. I see this only getting worse as 2011 continues to unfold and soon turns into 2012. I really see that the Republican Party is only interested in 3 things: power to dominate people’s lives, enriching themselves and their corporate cronies, chucking Obama out of the presidency in 2012. In a way, I have a fear that their last goal will be the most successful. They will run Obama out, on a landslide. I can see the ticket now Barbour-Santorum, which will win: I think 375-163.