New Facebook Groups seeking Pres. Obama’s assassination

Geez, I can’t believe what sick-minded fuckers we have here in America. Calling for Pres. Obama’s assassination is among the worst rederick I’ve heard. I mean, seriously, what kind of person calls out for these callous events? I don’t get it, I mean, he’s our President. Sure, there’s some policies that Pres. Obama implemented over the past 3 years that I really disagree with, but I don’t call for his assassination. I give him the benefit of the doubt since he’s got some of the best information for how to put policies through.

Now going back to my original topic, why would anyone call for assassination? And who honestly gives a rat’s ass about the fact that Pres. Obama’s Black? Really, who gives a shit?

My point is that we should judge him on what he’s done or not, not by his race or religion or any other portion of his purported “Background”. So please, quit this racist bullshit and let’s come up with some better public policies.