Lead up to 2012 Election

After watching events that went forth from the time of the Midterm last November until now, the situation has only gotten worse. For what? To allow millionaires and billionaires to keep their precious tax-breaks and other goodies, while placing the burden of paying for the recovery on ordinary tax-payers like you and me? I don’t know about you, but it really makes no sense to me at all. I place 95% of the blame on the Republicans, who have gone off the deep-end to pander to the racist and tax-dodging fringe of their base, and for echoing the Tea-Party’s message of killing Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Make no mistake, they’ll keep doing this until the end of time. They’ve tried in the past, and they’ll do it again.

I’ll assign 5% of the blame to President Obama and the Democrats for caving into this unnecessarily ill-thought out policy. Why they backed off forcing the super-wealthy to pay their fair share is beyond me. I see where this is going, the Republicans will put a right-wing extremist into the White House as they will successfully unseat Pres. Obama. Our president has spent too much time listening to ideas from the far-right, who have little to no ideas for how to get us out of this mess. They only want to scare us and give us scapegoats to pin our troubles on. It’s unthinkable, since now this fringe will go to new lengths to prevent any African-American from reaching the Presidency again. The Democrats should have taken a stand, not spent time negotiating with an unreconcileable Republican opposition.

When are Democrats ever going to wake up to the fact that Republicans will never negotiate as long as the far-right fringe of their base calls the shots? I hope it will be before the 2012 election cycle, but I don’t see that happening. Mr. President, while I congratulate you on your effort to bring more cooperation to Washington, I must be honest when I say that you’ve failed miserably. You’ve succeded in one sense, however, you’ve awoken the American people to the fact that the corrupt status quo cannot remain intact. I just hope that you can still play a pivitol role whether you remain in the White House, or not.