New thoughts

I’ve been following some stories as of late, but others not as much as I’d like. First off, the scene in Washington: No, I’m not surprised that the +GOP has a slight lead over +The Democrats in the polls, nor am I 100% concerned either, it’s a midterm election year. Midterms generally favor the opposition, that’s been the historic trend as it is. What does concern me though is that +The Democrats are too busy gloating about how dumb the +GOP is (which they should point out to voters), instead of working on fixing some of their mistakes from 4 years ago. Truth be told, the Affordable Care Act is not sustainable in its current format and needs some tweaking desperately in order to fully function. That being said, its full repeal and replacement with the old system is not an option either. Here’s why: anybody could be dropped at will by the insurance industry, leaving them no means of accessing the very medical attention they needed in order to live. In addition, there were no safeguards in place for people who were switching jobs or had just turned 18. Lastly, what’s the point in going back to a system where 1 in every 3 dollars was being used on administrative costs? Here’s a video of +Dennis Kucinich from back in 2010, where he talks about the system as flawed as it is now, to an extent, but also how much worse the old system was.


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