Tea Party Republicans and Beating War Drums

First of all, I think it’d be right to start off with this picture:

Yeah, it’s a good laugh in the sense that +The Tea Party has no intellectual means of expressing their rage with +Barack Obama. However, one should not make the mistake that there’s a second message, one where we need to punish Russia militarily for mocking us. I’ve heard of wars starting over circumstances even goofier than this, but this is no laughing matter. Here’s the story from Addicting Info. A war with Russia, would cause more problems than anyone should care to think about. I mean, we’re talking the world’s largest stockpile of Nuclear Weapons.
Anyway, I find it infuriating listening to politicians such as +Lindsey Graham and +John McCain, talking eagerly about getting into another war, as if they simply want a first resort military option. That’s not an effective foreign policy. Next of all, what is the point in going after Russia militarily? What do they have that we want? Oil? Natural Gas? News Flash: we have more natural gas than they do, and as for oil, there’s a boom in North Dakota. Translation: We don’t need it. Outside of their space program, and maybe new trade partnerships, there’s nothing to gain from going after the Russians in a military sense.

Picture Credit: +Daryl Cagle 


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