Republicans, Peace Process and the mess of 2011

2011 has become a year that I would desparately like to forget in some cases. How is it that Republican obstructionism has gotten to the point that only their reactionary policies will be enacted or the government will be shut down? Many of the members of the Republican ranks have done more to damage America than to help it out. There is no sense in their thinking. They really need to rethink their strategy and come up with solutions to creating a stable setting to bring America out of this crisis. That means putting Americans back to work.

Yet, I failed to see any plan coming from either the House or Senate Republican conference, since their objectives are largely social issues. One thing they are going to try to do is try to re-enact the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and will try to push a national religious test for office and place a new identification law for voting on a national scale, just to model their victories in states like Wisconsin and South Carolina. This enactment would controvene the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which I can tell is another target for them. I also largely think that the fringe in charge of the Republican Party has largely gone too far in trying to bring America back to the 1820s.

As for the peace process, it’s stalled, but largely out of the headlines. This is primarily due to the ongoing struggle for freedom in Syria and the capture and killing of Muammar Khaddafi in Lybia. Lybia dominated the news today, I think way too much. Yeah, I’m happy that he’s no longer around to terrorize the world and to contemplate other acts of terror against the Lybian people, but his death is now being too overhyped. Plus, it really did not make much sense to show his execution on Al-Jazeera, but it’s really not my call to make in the process. I just hope soon that we’ll be able to focus on securing a final peace between Israel and Palestine, only we need to apply more pressure to both sides. This eans we must go public about our opposition to Israel’s continued construction of settlements. At the same time, we need to pressure Palestine into reengaging Israel in direct peace talks, but along the lines of granting it the same rights as other sovereign states.

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