Reasons for Why Not to Elect Republican Congress

The Republican Party, has over the last year, been going balls to the wall over its hatred of our President. Let’s face it, a Southernized Congress will only try to bring back Jim Crow and look to make America a Christian nation, with no room for free expression. This is not what we need, as they are nothing more than extremists. It’s only their way or nothing, and if you don’t like that, go elsewhere.

At the same time, their economic policy is you are on your own if you can’t find work. We need to extend permanent tax-breaks to our corporate cronies and keep the offshoring break legal. It’s wealthfare for the top. Don’t worry, you will be subsidized if you are in the wealthiest 1-5%. This is just ludacris!

We need to keep the Democrats in charge for another 2 years. They’re the ones with the ideas, not the Republicans. The Republicans only want to piss you off to the point that you’ll give up your rights. Also, they wish to enshrine division & hatred.


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